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Reasons for lip filling

  • To improve the volume of lips,
  • To reshape the lips,
  • To contour the lips,
  • To strengthen subcutaneous tissue resulting from droopy lips,
  • To remove smoker lines ,
  • To fix asymmetric looking,


Content of Lip Fillers

Products with hyaluronic acid are commonly used in lip filling. Hyaluronic acid is a substance which exists in our body to transfer and retain the water. The feature of retaining water helps to volume the lips.

How does it operate?

It provides increasing in the volume of the lips by retaining the water in the application area. New generation fillers last for 1 year. The most important feature of these fillers is their not causing any flocculation, binding to connective tissue, and their natural looking.

How can natural look be provided?

In normal anatomical structure, upper lip is 1-2 mm forward and lower lip is thicker than upper lip. The aim of the application is to achieve this structure. Different fillers with different amount of intensity can be used in order to either keep the structure for a long period of time or compensate the loss.

Personal application

After scanning via Canfield Vectra 3D, personal product selection and application is decided based on the current situation, expectations and what can be done. Although lips are sensitive to pain, one may feel little pain or does not feel any at all during the application thanks to anaesthetic crème applied before the process and local anaesthetic substances in the filler. The application takes about 10 minutes.

After lip filling

Results can be observed immediately after the process. After lip filling operation, eating or drinking something, or applying lipsticks can be unfavourable for nearly 2 hours; until the anaesthetic effect disappears. Sometimes slight swellings and bruises can be seen around the lips on the next day but these vanish in 2-3 days. They can be concealed with lipsticks. Risk of swelling and bruise is prominently diminished by new generation fillers and anaesthetic substances in them.

Is lip filling permanent?

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers is absorbed and vanished by body. The duration of the lip filling depends on life style, physical structure and environmental factors. Effect duration is 1 year for new generation lip fillers. Repetition of the process affects positively the effect duration and results.

Is lip filling dangerous?

After the application, minor swellings or bruises are rarely observed. It does not cause any allergic reaction because hyaluronic acid exists in the body, also.

Who can go through lip filling surgery?

People who has thin lips, lose their skin elasticity, wish to develop the beautiful and young look on their faces with plump and thick lips and want to have thick lips can go through lip filling surgery.

Is lip filling painful?

Not only the anaesthetic crème applied before the operation but also the lidocaine in the new generation fillers diminish the pain felt during the application.

How long does lip filling last?

The effect duration of the filling depends on some factors such as age, lip structure, elasticity, features of filler substance that is used, amount and quality of the filler, method of application. Effect duration is 1 year for new generation lip fillers. Repetition of the process affects positively the effect duration and results.

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