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Ameliyatsız Göz Kapağı Estetiği

Plexr converts nitrogen and water vapour which are gaseous to plasma with high energy. Non-surgical blepharoplasty is performed by using plasma energy released after conversion.

Plexr is a CE certificated treatment performed as an alternative to many cosmetic surgery methods. It has been commonly used in Europe for fifteen years.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Plexr performed?

The area is cleaned with antiseptic liquid. Local anaesthetic crème is applied. After 20 minutes, the process starts.

How long does Plexr take?

After local anaesthesia, it lasts about 5-30 minutes depending on the size of the application area.


Does Plexr cause any pain?

There is no pain during the application but there can be slight pain after the surgery is over. However pain is certainly not severe and completely goes away in one or two days.

What should be done after Plexr?

After the process, liquid foundation which contains sun protection factor (SPF) or BB crème is applied to the area of treatment. This should be repeated each time after the area is washed.

How does it take for recovery to occur after Plexr?

Liquid foundation with SPF both protects the area from UV rays and helps healing the scab that can form in the application area during the cleaning process. The area completely heals after 5-7 days.

What are the advantages of Plexr?

The application is easy and quick.

The patient does not have to change her daily routine.


How much does Plexr cost?

Cost may vary depending on the size of the application area. However, it is cheaper than many other surgical operations.

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