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It is the procedure of melting fat and the membrane that covers fat cells around the problematic area. A medicine mixture that help weight loss is applied to the areas the patient desires to slim with very thin needles. This mixture contains Lecithin (phosphatidylcholine) which has no side effects. It is made of herbal extracts; it also helps balance the cholesterol level.


After being used in the USA and Europe, Lipolysis needles are now being applied in Turkey to get rid of cellulite. Thanks to this method, which is also called American Mesotherapy or liposuction needle, removal of extra fat tissue (without surgery and side effects) is obtained.

The main goal of lipolysis is to help patients get a healthy and smooth skin.  The treatment allows patients to continue their daily routine. The results are long-lasting. This method is used to remove regional and permanent fat cells. It is not a method for losing weight. Lipolysis is supported by scientific studies and the results are more effective if applied properly.


Your Questions About Lipolysis


The Effect of Lipolysis

After the mixture is injected into the fat tissue, it creates a change in the cell wall. The result is similar to liposuction; a process which melts fat cells.

The Number of Lipolysis Sessions

There are differences in application in terms of intervals and numbers of sessions of lipolysis. In the first approach, the intervals are short (every 2-4 weeks), and 4-8 sessions are applied. In the second approach, the intervals are longer (every 2 months), but the drug is given more intensely. At LifePlus, the first approach is used. Depending on the amount of fat tissue, there is a 1-4 cm slimming in the area that lipolysis is applied.

Areas That Lipolysis Is Applied

It is applied to the areas that regional fat deposit is presented during pregnancy or areas that fat deposits already exist (arms, legs, neck, tummy and hips). It is also applied to areas with cellulite.

After Lipolysis

The procedure is absolutely painless. It is applied with very thin needles, like mesotherapy needles. Light redness, itching, sensitivity, oedema and sometimes little bruises can be observed. After the injection, there can be temperature rise and pain in the area of application. Mostly, these symptoms disappear in 1-3 days.

Results of Lipolysis

Results become visible within 2-3 weeks, but melting of fat cells will continue for a long time.

Side Effects of Lipolysis

This medication has been safely used for 10 years in the USA and Europe to reduce cholesterol levels and to treat some diseases. As long as applied properly by experienced professionals, there is no risk.

After Lipolysis

This method is widely used for removing and reducing of excessive amount of fat rather than losing weight. In order to lose weight and maintain the outcomes of lipolysis, one should pursue a healthy diet and do exercise.

Who Should Not Have Lipolysis?

Lipolysis should not be implemented in cases of pregnancy, diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, and liver diseases.
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