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Skin care helps clean, regenerate and rejuvenate the skin that has become dull and tired due to cosmetic products, sun, malnutrition, long term diseases, negative environmental factors and so on. Besides, natural effects of aging show themselves throughout the lifetime of an individual depending on genetic and hormonal factors. With time lines, wrinkles, changes in color (yellowing, spots, spider veins) occur. Skin loosens and loses flexibility.

What are the Benefits of Skin Care?

We envision to offer skin care to improve the structure of the skin; removing the excess and supporting the deficient. We offer protective methods against dry or oily skin, acne and similar problems. As a result the aging process of the skin is slowed down, blood flow is improved, dead skin is removed and skin care implemented at home is supported.

The Procedure

Evaluation of the current skin structure by Vectra 3D medical screening system.

  • Determining skin type,
  • Implementation of the correct skin cleanser for the skin type,
  • Implementing surface peeling for the individual’s skin type,
  • Application of purifying skin mask,
  • Cleaning the pores, black spots and comedonal acne,
  • Application of pore tightening mask,
  • Special cold moisturizing mask to relieve and calm the skin,
  • Eye mask application and massage with eye cream,
  • Collagen stimulating skin massage,

During waiting time of applied masks,

  • Neck and decollete massage,
  • Hand and arm massage,
  • Massage to increase blood flow in hair follicles.

The procedure takes approximately 100 minutes.


Skin Rejuvenation with Quartz Crystals

  • Surface – medium – deep application depending on skin type and sensitivity,
  • The application is implemented by vacuuming your skin with Quartz crystals,
  • This method is effective in eliminating black spots and tightening pores,
  • The method helps balancing the oil on acne and helps acne treatment,
  • It gives the skin a natural shine and aliveness,
  • The stimulating effect of Quartz crystals and the activation the vacuum creates increases collagen production and slows down aging. It helps reduce wrinkles.
  • The method is effective in eliminating tonal differences sun causes and spots.
  • At this point the skin is cleansed, dead skin has been removed, oil and black spots are cleaned. After the application various creams and masks may be applied on the cleansed skin.
  • The application may be implemented once a week in three sessions depending on the skin type, the skin problems encountered and the expectancy of the individual.
  • The procedure takes approximately 40 minutes.


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