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What is Liquid Facelift?

Liquid facelift provides renovation by using new generation fillers and Botox. These materials have been used for years and techniques that deliver a lifting effect have been perfected when they are used in combination with certain other products and with special techniques. Liquid Facelift is being used as a new alternative. It is applied successfully by using latest products and injection techniques.

What can be achieved?

With this procedure, under eye bags can be concealed, dark circles can be lightened, eye contour can be defined by stretching muscles, sagging and tissue loss of the cheeks, loosing and dropping of the chin can be diminished, droopy lips can be fixed.

The effects of the Liquid Facelift

The new generation filler substances both fix the loss of volume and stimulate elastin and collagen production while Botox removes wrinkles caused by mimic muscles. Botox tightens muscles and diminish sagging on the face. Its can be more effective if used in combination with other filler products.

Personal Procedure

Age-related changes in the face vary from person to person. While applying Liquid Facelift, patients should be assessed individually and the treatment should be planned accordingly. In short, the assessment and procedure planning should be personal.

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