Hair Yellowing by Laser

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Hair Yellowing by Laser in Istanbul | Lifeplus Istanbul
Sometimes, thin, light-coloured hairs cannot be removed with laser hair removal. In this case, yellowing and thinning of such hairs can be achieved by the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. This makes the hairs less visible and thus they will not bother you anymore. Regular yellowing practices result in permanent removal of the hairs. After treatment, yellowing becomes visible to your eyes at the end of the session. Within a 4-6 weeks period, the yellowing effect diminishes, but the thinning effect will be permanent. Permanent thinning and removal of hairs may require several sessions.

How is hair yellowing applied by laser?
Hair yellowing by laser is easy and painless. Nothing is felt except a slight stinging sensation. A slight redness occurs after the procedure and passes within hours. There is no risk of staining afterwards.

Whom can hair yellowing be applied to by laser?
Hair yellowing by laser can be applied to all skin types. It can also be done safely during summer months. Sun protection is recommended for 2-3 days after the treatment.

Which areas can hair yellowing be applied to by laser?
It can be applied to the entire facial area, as well as moustache, sideburns, chin separately. It can also be applied to the areas, such as upper arms, abdomen and back, where thin hairs are often found.

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