Mesolift & Facial Mesotherapy

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It is a treatment of skin rejuvenation method implemented by using a mixture of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and some homeopathic. Mesolift is applied to the face subcutaneously in order to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, tighten the skin, diminish lines, increase moisture and make the skin shiny. For 60 years it has been a treatment accepted worldwide.

Who is suitable for mesolift?

Mesolift can be implemented on all males and females at any age and time. It is applied to body areas where loosening, lining and sagging are observed.

Mesolift is applied to lines around the eyes and on the neck, and to the areas which tend to loosen and sag, caused by ultraviolet, solarium, changeable weather conditions, smoking, alcohol, overdose of coffee, inappropriate cosmetic products, not being selective in diet, etc.

Combined with rejuvenation laser, ultrasound, radiofrequency or VPL, results obtained by mesolift can be more effective. Applying mesolift before or after Botox-filling has observable results of reducing sagging.


Your Questions About Mesolift


How many sessions mesolift should be applied for?

The first 3 sessions are weekly and then it is applied in certain intervals. After 4-6 sessions, mesolift can be applied in 3-6 month intervals.

Is mesolift painful?

Before the application, the area is anaesthetized by an anaesthetic cream. The treatment is applied by multiple injection technique. A slight sensitivity may be experienced. Minor bruises can appear but they can be covered with concealer.

When are the results of mesolift observed?

The results are instant, they can be observed right after the first session. The skin rejuvenation continues after the treatment.
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