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10 points 10 minutes facelift


What is 10 Points 10 Minutes Face Lift?

It is an application which provides lifting effect in a very short time. Mixtures that contain new generation Hyalunoric acid, create lifting effect, biologically last 1.5 year on average, and can be eliminated by body are used in different amounts with different technological methods.

How is it applied?

The application is based on injection of new generation hyaluronic acid in little amount to 10 anatomic points in the face. These points are personal; they are determined after scanning and assessing via Canfield-VISIA. There is no pain, discomfort, bleeding and bruises because it contains local anaesthetic substances.

It is possible to fix droopy lips and crow’s feet, reduce tiredness symptoms under eyes, and provide visibility in cheekbones.

In addition, light filler under eye, fixation of nasal hump, lifting of nasal tip, lip contour; augmentation of lips, chin configuration can be performed.

Especially applications to the facial area aim to obtain a fresh look by little amounts of applications to other areas.

For whom is it appropriate?

It is mostly preferred by people who want to look fit and well-groomed. It does not require a recovery period; after the process one can immediately back to their lives. Rarely, some bruises can be observed but they can be concealed.

It is an application that helps you look more charming, and provide well-being before wedding ceremonies and receptions.

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