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Saç Mezoterapisi


Hair mesotherapy is the application of requisite mixture to mesoderm layer of the scalp with special needles.

It is applied in order to provide hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles in the area which has weak and limp hair, and in which hair loss is observed. It is also applied in order to strengthen the hair follicles.

Firstly, the cause of hair loss is investigated and if there is any, it is cured. If there is no reason, the treatment is applied in order to nourish and revive the hair follicles. At the end, hair becomes shiny and bright, and there is an increase in the number of strands.


Your Questions Hair Mesotherapy


Which substances does hair Mesotherapy contain?

It contains growth factor, biotin, vitamin B complex, zinc, copper, coenzyme A, retinol, riboflavin, folic acid, ginkgo biloba, alanine, arginine, asparagine, adenosine, guanine, tiosin, tryptophane.

How is hair Mesotherapy implemented?

It can be implemented with roller or injector depending on the hair length, area width and purpose of treatment. Before and after the treatment, a massage to increase microcirculation of scalp is applied.

Roller is a medical device which has about 200 needles of 0.2mm, 0.5mm or 1mm. When the roller is applied to the skin, micro needles create thousands of microscopic punctures under the skin.

In the applications performed with the roller, a the product that is applied into the punctures created by roller penetrates the skin more effectively. With this method, more homogeneous results are obtained.


How many hair Mesotherapy sessions are recommended?

Hair mesotherapy is applied in two different ways; Intense Treatment and Protective Treatment. Intense treatment is applied firstly, in frequent intervals and a shorter period. It is preferred at the first stage that hair loss is still active.

The procedures in the intense treatment

Intense treatment (8 session)

4 sessions once in a week, 4 sessions in 2 week intervals

Protective treatment (4-6 sessions)

It is applied once in a month. It is also known as Mid Season Mesotherapy. It should be applied once at the beginning of each season.

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