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Peeling is the procedure of removing upper layer of the skin by laser, chemicals or tools.

Purposes of peeling

  • Resurfacing of skin
  • Removing spots
  • Removing acne/acne scars
  • Smoothening slight wrinkles

  • Peeling procedure

  • The main factors are the selected method, depth of peeling and size of the area. Peeling can be categorized as superficial, medium and deep. The area where the peeling is going to be applied is cleaned, and the procedure is performed based on the selected product. The fruit acids (Glycolic acid, Pyruvic acid, Salicylic acid, Lactic acid) used in superficial peeling remove dead cells which cause the skin to look dull, help the development of healthy cells and the rejuvenation of the skin. With chemical peeling, the natural colour, smoothness and texture of the skin can be enhanced. Besides, by tightening the skin, chemical peeling diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Superficial peeling can be applied 3-4 sessions in 2 week intervals. Every session, based on the reaction of the skin, concentration and procedure duration results may vary.


Your Questions About Medical Peeling


Recovery time of peeling

It depends on the depth of peeling. In superficial applications, recovery is fast, but in deeper applications recovery time is up to 1 week.

Side effects of peeling

Superficial peelings have no side effects while deeper applications of peeling have some.

The right time for peeling

Peeling can be implemented during all seasons except sunny summer days.

After peeling…

The skin that generates after the peeling procedure is fresh and very sensitive to the sun. It should be protected with SPF 20 sunscreen. The cream should be applied every 2 hours.
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