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We offer you services of medical aesthetics and/or non-surgical aesthetics, and we aim to help you live a healthier life without any disease by giving you some advice on health and life.

Especially before applications of facial aesthetics, we evaluate your face, skin type and skin structure together with capillary vessel structures, pores and blackheads (if there is any) by taking 3D shots with 6 cameras (36pixel) of Vectra screening system. We tell about all single details of the application, then we do simulation and then we do the application if you want us to do.

Our aesthetics services include Botox, filling, lip filling, nose filling, chin filling, targeted filling, mesotherapy, mesodeluxe, prp, fibro cell treatment, applications for hair strengthening, laser hair removal, spot and capillary vessel treatment with laser, demarols, chemical peeling and skin care services. We also have globally accepted methods for slimming, tightening and reducing wrinkles, which are approved by FDA.

Moreover, we use plexr for removing spots on the face, benign lesions, vertical lip lines, and wrinkles around eyes, ears and neck. We also perform non-surgical aesthetics for upper eyelid.

We promote our life and health recommendations with nutrition tips and programs that prevent metabolic diseases resulted from excess weight and fat.

We should remember that life and nutrition style, habits and care are significant signals of aesthetics and beauty.