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Plexr become effective on the area of application by turning nitrogen and water vapour in the air to plasma using high energy. The ionic atmosphere resulted from the interaction affects the skin surface and provides a very fast resurfacing on the skin.

It an application which has been commonly used in Europe for 15 years and used as an alternative to many aesthetic and plastic surgery. It also has CE certificate.


Application Areas of Plexr

  • Treatment of wrinkles around eyes,
  • Treatment of crows feet,
  • Treatment of upper lip lines,
  • Treatment of wrinkles on the face,
  • Treatment of acne,
  • Treatment of acne scars,
  • Raised skin lesions,
  • Treatment of sunspots,
  • Treatment of age spots,
  • Treatment of skin tags,
  • Treatment of warts,
  • Treatment of incisions or scars of surgery,
  • Treatment of fat accumulation,
  • Treatment of birth mark, treatment of dark spots on the upper lips,
  • Treatment of décolleté spots,
  • Removing of tattoos of every colour ,
  • Treatment of abdominal cracks.
Your Questions About to Plexr

How is Plexr applied?

The area of application is cleaned by using an antiseptic substance. Local anaesthetic cream is applied. After waiting for 20 minutes, the procedure is applied.

How long does Plexr application take?

It is 5-30 minutes after local anaesthesia depending on the size of the application area.

Is there pain/discomfort of Plexr application?

There is not any feeling of pain/discomfort during the application. However, after the application there can be slight pain, but it is not irritating and completely disappears in 1-2 days.

What should be done after Plexr application?

After application, liquid foundation or BB cream which includes sun protector factor should be applied especially on the area of application which exposures to the sun. After every shower, the procedure should be repeated.

How does the period of recovery process after Plexr application?

The application of liquid foundation with sun protector factor to the area both protect the application area from UV and help removing the thin scab that can occur on the area. It completely recovers in 5-7 days.

What are the advantages of Plexr application?

  • The application is easy and takes short time,
  • It does not require medical dressing,
  • After application, patients can go back their daily lives immediately.

What is the cost of Plexr application?

The cost varies depending on the size of area that Plexr will be applied. However, it is much more affordable compared to other plastic surgeries.

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