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Vectra 3D M3


Vectra M3 3D Screening System

3 Boyutlu Yüz AnaliziIt will surprise you to see your face as you imagine with the help of Vectra M3 3D Screening and Simulation system. Although nonsurgical aesthetic procedures are undoable, it is hard to imagine what it will look like after procedure. An application you like on someone’s face and you want to have it may not fit on your face. So, it is important to have an idea about the result after procedure.

It is possible for your doctor to show you what is possible to apply on you, and for you to explain what you want exactly by using Vectra M3 3D so that the results after procedure will not be unexpected.
The system produced using American Canfield technology takes 36-mega-pixel-coloured photographs with 6 cameras placed with different angles. Special computer software forms your 3D model using those photographs. After that, Vectra software provides wanted changes digitally. So, you can see the changes you want to make on your face and what it will look like after surgery without waiting.

3 Boyutlu Yüz AnaliziYou can explain the exact changes you want using your own 3D model not using other’s photos you like or your photographs taken in only two aspects. Your doctor can simulate your mirror image and your appearance seen by other people.

Doctors who perform nonsurgical aesthetic procedures use Vectra M3 3D, which is like magnetic resonance, CAT scan, ultrasound and x-ray used by doctors to diagnose the symptoms and determine the treatment, to evaluate patient’s 3D images and to clarify the matters that confuse patients.

While the results of nonsurgical aesthetic procedures depend on your anatomical structure, your doctor’s technique and experience, generally they are close to images taken from Vectra M3 3D Simulation. For further information, you can consult your doctor while screening.


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