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Sun and aging spots appear when there is an excessive increase of melanin concentration in an area of body.

Treatment is provided with the spot tip of changeable wavelength laser. Filtered light is absorbed by melanin and it (melanin) disperses. In time, its concentration decreases, and its colour turns to skin colour. For the intense spots, special spot whitening crèmes are advised to be used at home.


Application of laser treatment of spots

  • Detailed skin cleansing
  • Short fruit-acid peeling
  • Laser application
  • Massage with moisturising

Treatment lasts 30-35 minutes including preliminary. After the treatment, 50 SPF sunscreen should be used.

How many sessions do laser treatment of spots take?

It can be applied for 4-6-8 session at 3 week intervals, depending on the depth degree of spots.

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