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Nose Filling
What is Nose Filler?

Rinolook system is the general name of techniques that are used in non-surgical nose job. The specific feature of it is that this system aims to reshape the proportion of the nose without any complications and risks of traditional rhinoplasty.

Before The Procedure

While doing nose job with Rinolook system, the case should be selected and evaluated very carefully. Firstly, we take an image with the Cafield-Vectra 3D and we correct it in simulation. Then we evaluate the new image. If it is approved by the patient, we start the application. The results are nearly the same.

3 Boyutlu Yüz Analizi


  • The application area is cleaned and local anesthetic cream is applied,
  • After that, new generation fillers and Botox (if it is necessary) are applied and the nose is reshaped.
  • The procedure lasts 30 minutes.
  • If the procedure is repeated regularly, nearly 80% of permanent deformity is corrected because the application enables new tissue forming.
  • After a week, a new image is taken and evaluated.
  • Its effect lasts for 1 year.

After The Procedure

Immediately after the procedure, there could be mild swelling, redness or bruise but they are temporary. If it is needed they can be hidden by using concealer.

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