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NEck Lift

For the sagging and relaxation of neck skin, we apply different techniques together or alone. Firstly, we evaluate the case face to face and then we prefer the most appropriate technique.

We benefit from the lifting effect of special strings which include polylactic acid and glycolic acid, and can disappear in time. These strings stimulate the collagen synthesis and form fibrous bands so that they create a lifting effect. Depending on the structure of the tissues, we sometimes use Botox, PRP, mesotherapy or new-generation-hyaluronic acid.


  • After applying local anaesthetic crème, we wait for 30 minutes.
  • We sign the areas that will be lifted and place the strings.
  • We check and then finish the procedure.
  • If it is needed, we apply PRP during the process; Botox or mesotherapy are applied immediately after the process.
  • The process lasts 60 minutes in total.

After The Process

Mild bruises can be rarely observed. The results are observed in 2 weeks; the strings start to stimulate collagen synthesis and form fibrous bands in this period. They disappear in 6 months. The effect lasts for nearly 2 years. It is possible to extend this 2 years with little surgeries.

Contact Information

Address: Valikonağı caddesi, No: 62/2 Fıtri Bey Apartmanı Nişantaşı / İstanbul
Tel-1: 0505 4746604
Tel-2: 0212 2314080
Fax: 0212 2314089