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Mesotheraphy - Nişantaşı

It is the method of subcutaneous injection of a mixture prepared on the basis of the intended treatment. This mixture contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, homeopathic medicines and hyalunoric acid and it is injected by the micro injection technique. It is derived from the Latin words mesos (middle) and therapeia (therapy) and it means “treatment of the medium layer of the skin”. In 1952, Michel Pistor founded the field of mesotherapy and in 1987; it was recognized as a specialty of medicine by French Medicine Academy.


Mesotherapy is used for...

Cellulite treatment; 8-10 sessions on average, one session takes 20-30 minutes. Intervals are 5-7 days. The injection of a specific mesotherapy formula which break down the orange-peel appearance of skin is applied superficially in a specific pattern.

Weight loss; 10-15 sessions on average, one session takes 10-15 minutes. Intervals are 5-7 days. The injection of a specific formula which burns fat and stops wrinkles and sagging is applied. It can be more effective when it is combined with other methods.

Rejuvenation of face and skin; 3-6 sessions on average; depending on the skin, 3 sessions are applied at 7-10 day intervals, the other 3 sessions are applied once in a month. The injection of a specific formula which consists of substances that renew cells and regulate circulatory system is applied under the facial skin. It makes the skin revive, reduces sag, dark circles, under eye bags and lines, and makes the skin look fresh, bright and shiny.    


Your Questions About to Mesotherapy


Advantages of mesotherapy

Sessions and duration of treatment is short.

The results are observed fast and certainly. (Positive outcomes after 2-3 sessions)

The outcomes are more effective and permanent than the outcomes of massage, paraffin, moss and so on.

There is no significant side effect when it is applied by a proficient.

There is no need for local or general anaesthesia.

After the procedure, patients can go back their daily lives.

Side effects of Mesotherapy

Side effects result from wrong treatment, wrong choice of medicine or dose. If it is applied by a proficient, no side effect is observed. Sometimes, there could be slight bruises but they vanish in a few days.

When is the mesotherapy not suitable?

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiac insufficiency
  • Nephropathy
  • Use of anticoagulant medicine
  • Pregnancy and nursing

Cost of mesotherapy

It depends on the area where the mesotherapy will be applied, the content of the formula, number of sessions and the quality of the product.

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