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What is Meso Deluxe?
By applying the mixture of special formula of mesotherapy to under skin and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, collagen activation, elastin synthesis, fibroblast stimulation and moisturization are provided. In short, it aims to prevent aging of the skin. It is recommended for refreshment and hydration of the dull and tired-looking skin.

Following substances are included in the application;

Amino acids; stimulate the fibroblast synthesis. They contain collagen, proline and lysine. But elastin contain threonine and aspartic acid.

Vitamin A, B, C, E; increase the elasticity of the skin, help collagen synthesis, and prevent the problems caused by free radicals.
Hyaluronic acid; enhances the viscosity of the skin. It is one of the crucial substances for elasticity.

Coenzymes; help tissues to rebuild.
In addition to all these substances, the special injection technique also stimulates the activation of thrombocyte, which maximize the moisturizing, refreshing and regenerating effects.

How Meso Deluxe is applied?

It is applied 3 times in a month with 1 week intervals. It targets to fill the reserves of the skin which reduces or about to extinct. After the application, increase in collagen elastin starts. Hydration rises and skin starts to tighten.

This application include all required vitamins and minerals for skin renovation and biological balance.

Process after Meso Deluxe

Because it is applied by multiple injections, some little temporary bruises can be observed. But they can be concealed by make-up.

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