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light filler nişantaşı

It is an aesthetic filling technique which is used to treat dark circles caused by skin thinness, under eye hollows and crow’s feet. It is soft and high-tech filling. The light filler is applied to areas of the skin where the skin is thin, connective and supportive tissue is weak.


Where does the light filler applied?

  • Under eye hollows
  • Wrinkles around and under eyes
  • Crow’s feet
  • Lips, lip lines
  • Gummy smiles and Marionette lines
  • Lines on the low-neck
  • Wrinkles on the hand
  • Wrinkles of the neck
Lip filler - Istanbul

Nose Filler - Istanbul Nişantaşı

Light Filler - İstanbul Nişantaşı


Your Questions About to Light Filler


Is the procedure of light filler painful?

The filler contains local anaesthetic substance, so the patient suffers from a really slight pain. Before the procedure, local anaesthetic crème is applied so that the treatment becomes more comfortable.

How long does the procedure of light filler take? How long does it last?

The procedure takes 15-20 minutes. The duration effect can change depending on the area; however, it lasts 12-15 months on average. The appearance after the procedure is very natural.


The main factors are the area that filling is applied to and the amount of the filling. Determining the price after the evaluation of medical visualisation system results is the best.

Contact Information

Address: Valikonağı caddesi, No: 62/2 Fıtri Bey Apartmanı Nişantaşı / İstanbul
Tel-1: 0505 4746604
Tel-2: 0212 2314080
Fax: 0212 2314089