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It is a kind of toxin used commonly in medicine. It restricts the stimulation of muscles by nerves and it is produced from bacteria.


Botox in Istanbul


Where is Botox applied to? (Esthetical treatments)

  • Glabellar lines
  • Forehead lines
  • Eyebrow lift
  • Crow’s feet
  • Smokers’ lines and lip augmentation
  • Nose lift
  • Forming facial roundness
  • Sweating (armpit, palm)

Your Questions About to Botox


Duration of effect of Botox

Although it varies from person to person, the duration is generally accepted for 4-6 months. After regular 3-4 applications, we observe long-lasting outcomes.

Before Botox

With anaesthetic crème or ice, the face is anaesthetized locally. Very thin needles are applied to the points which were determined beforehand.

The right age for Botox

The range of age for Botox is wide. The purpose is to prevent permanent lines which are caused by reflexive contraction.   

Is there any risk for allergic reaction?

There is a slight risk of allergy because the substance is new for the body.

Side effects of Botox

If the right technique is applied, the side effects are seen very rarely. Patients who use blood diluents can have bruises. It should not be applied to patients who have muscle diseases.

Does Botox prevent sweating?

It prevents sweating by blocking temporarily the sweat glands of the armpit, hands and feet. After duration of effect ends, sweat glands start to work. It provides a dry skin for 4-6 months.

Botox crèmes

Their effects mechanisms and their durations of effect are not comparable with the treatment itself. However, in the treatment with needles, after regular 3-4 applications, reflexive contraction which causes permanent lines is prevented.

Botox mask

The effect of mask is superficial and for a short time like crèmes’. However, when the Botox is applied into the muscle which causes contraction, the outcome is long-lasting.

Harms of Botox

It is a medicine that has the clearance of FDA and it is imported with the official permission of Turkish Ministry of Health and it can be used in high doses in neurological surgeries. In esthetical use, the dose is low so there should be no worries.

Cost of Botox

It depends on the brand, the rate of dilution and the area of treatment.

Contact Information

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